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How to avoid overheating in classrooms

There’s no doubt that the physical design of classrooms can have a positive or negative effect on children’s learning outcomes. One of the key factors identified by studies over the past several decades is the importance of consistent thermal comfort.

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Classroom design: the architect’s guide to improving students’ ownership of classrooms

Giving young school children a sense of ownership of "their" classroom promotes a sense of self-worth and responsibility and has also been shown to improve academic performance.

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Colour and complexity: how to design a stimulating classroom

While stimulation, colour and visual complexity are important to creating a vibrant learning environment in classrooms, what is the healthy balance between under-stimulation and over-stimulation?

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The 6 vital design elements of school design

Have you ever thought about how 64 million European children spend more time at school than anywhere else other than their own home? 

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Rebuilding a school’s character with plenty of daylight

In 2012 local authorities ended more than 10 years of talks by adopting a plan to refurbish the old vocational school in Huddinge, Sweden. The school, originally built in 1961, represented classic 60s architecture and was good quality. 

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From textile factory to teaching facility

Ryparken Lille Skole (literally "Ryparken little school") is situated in a century-old former textile factory in Copenhagen. For years the school and its inhabitants suffered from the building’s decrepit conditions, until in the early 2010s, the school board decided to start a major renovation project. 

It would include replacement of the old single-pane skylights, with 85 fixed and 12 vented triple-pane VELUX modular skylights.

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How to build better schools

Table of contents

How Do We Design Better Schools and Classrooms?
Considering Daylight in Schools
Designing for Daylight in Schools 
A Checklist For Designing with Daylight
The Impact of Air Quality in Schools 
Creating Classrooms with Cleaner Air
A Checklist for Better Indoor Air Quality in Schools
The Effects of Classroom Temperature on Learning
Facilitating Temperature Control in Schools
A Checklist for Temperature Control in Schools 
Considering Classroom Acoustics 
Achieving Optimum Acoustic Solutions in the Classroom 

Why Ownership & Flexibility Should Be Incorporated in Classrooms  
Promoting Ownership & Flexibility with Classroom Design

The Effects of Stimulation on Learning Outcomes 
Building Stimulating Schools 
Do you have a School Design or Renovation Project We Can Help With? 

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